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If there‚Äôs one Company out there that appears to get IT, it might need to be Google. The stories that float around about how fine the Google campus is and all of the food and other perks make it look like a Shangri-La. Hmm, but wait a moment, no matter it seems, they have got to be dealing that all of us are. Perhaps it’s time to have a conversation with their former CIO. One of the issues that IT Leaders have to deal with on an almost Basis that is constant is the dilemma of running and keeping our teams up. This comes down to making sure that they have the ideal laptops, the perfect operating systems, etc… If you are not careful, this can eat up plenty of your time.

Over at Google, Douglas Merrill who had been their CIO up until April of 2008 said that the model they used for solving the system issue was freedom of choice: employees must choose their system and their machine. I will bet that pretty much eliminates any! You would think this could make support from IT standpoint the best workplaces in 2018. You would be correct, but Merrill reported that it did not increase costs in part due to Google’s extensive use of self-service. Where users can go to download and install any applications they need, they maintain websites. They do this and it places no burden on the IT department.

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I can hear that, what you are saying / thinking man must cause all kinds of security nightmares. Any IT leader that you speak to these days probably has one or more horror stories about a group member downloading or clicking on something they should not have and causing a wreck that took forever to clean up. Merrill says that they look differently. Most by bending down the endpoints: our laptops and our phones, companies attempt to secure their networks. He feels that this doesn’t work well – thus all the problems that we have. They place the safety. What this means is that, yes, they have antispyware and antivirus Applications running on everyone’s laptops, but they have a good deal of applications running on their email servers and servers. When taken together, they believe they have solved the problem of it is possible to secure your network.

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