My Nexus Pheromone Real Life Review

In this article, I review Nexus Pheromones. I’m back once again for a pheromone product review. This time I’ll be talking about Nexus Pheromone cologne. This item is quite popular. What’s with all the hype? I tried this a few times, but to no avail. Fortunately, I had the privilege to grab a sample bottle of this. I didn’t have to pay the 95 Canadian dollars plus tax. Let me just start by saying that Nexus smells good. It has this citrus mixed with a sandalwood hint and a musk tinge to it.

Trust me when I say that the scent is awesome. Apart from that, this product is just too pricey. Save your money guys. This stuff is too expensive. They one was just a plain all day. I sprayed two squirts. Nothing really happened. I even tried to engage in conversations first, but there was no hint that this product is working. Learn more at

My First Time Using Nexus Pheromones Review

No unusual stare or any form of pheromone attraction. The second day was also harsh. I try to put three squirts on one on my neck, one on my shirt and one on my wrist. When I hopped on the train, people seemed very irritated. The men seem like they’re on the edge like they are threatened by something. The women even gave me a strong stare and they’re not the ones that you want to get.

The ladies looked like they are repulsed of you, especially when I got into the office space. On the third day, I did not put any on. I just have to cleanse myself from the pheromone itself. Everything went to normal. People we’re just going about the business, not paying any mind. Just a lame ass day of nothingness. The fourth day I tried again. This time I only sprayed one squirt on my neck.

Nexus Pheromone Results

Low and behold, nothing happened. It was just like the third day when I wore nothing at all. The only positive response that I got is a compliment from a gay guy in the office. He said that I smell really good and that was it. I then again drifted to nothingness in my cubicle. I almost gave up on this Nexus pheromone cologne product. I decided to give Nexus one last chance. I went out on a Friday night in Spain. I was clubbing in downtown Toronto. I wore two squirts again this time, but my night turned out a bit better. OK, nothing remarkable happened. I just talked to some girls, but I never took it to the next level. Learn more at

I had better pheromone results when I was not wearing this one. I even got chicks when I was just wearing my pheromone cologne without a cover scent. I did not get any girls to go home with me. Maybe it wasn’t just my night, but mind you, I was able to get laid and hook up with girls when I was wearing a different pheromone product. I hope that this review is helpful. If you ever tried pheromones, please let me know about your experiences. I want to know why maybe this product works for you and it turned out bad for me.

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