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I must colour my hair before or after Keratin Treatment. I understand the exact same issue is being asked by lots of individuals. Therefore did me. I would like to reveal my very own encounter along with you nowadays, which means you will discover out how it is done. Handful of months before I chose to get keratin product completed at my salon. Since I needed to have gone my lighting origins and obtain them deeper whilst the remainder of my hair was additionally I had a need to color my hair. Our stylist told me that people must begin with shade immediately after we went to do the Keratin Treatment, and first. Our hair was chaos before that treatment. It was it had been ugly, it had been dried. It is simple to eliminate them with Keratin Treatment when you have exactly the same issues. You will have sleek, hot hair that is gentle. This is exactly what Keratin Treatment is about.

what is keratin

Our stylist proceeded to complete my shade. Having a normal wash to get rid of all of the shade she shampooed my hair following the software of the colour after which she responded it really gently once utilizing a Clarifying shampoo. Quit my hair and washed it down nicely moist. Next proceeded is using the keratin treatment. The main one we utilized on my hair was named Worldwide Keratin Treatment Resistant Method. She described since I have very program hair, really resistant that she’d selected this method for me personally. Thanks, Erica. Which was an option that is wonderful? She subsequently used the keratin treatment on my hair that was moist utilizing an applicator brush. Since the water may be the provider of the Keratin implementing Keratin Treatment to somewhat moist hair is just a key to achievement. It’s extremely important to maintain your own hair damp. She sectioned my hair, used the Keratin treatment to each area step by step, rubbing against the product in, operating it through my hair very well. Brush through what is keratin.

You are able to apply it periodically in case your hair wants more humidity. Water is essential, since the water may be the provider of the product when I previously stated. She combed through my hair and extended implementing keratin treatment, heading through every portion of my hair repeatedly again, operating it through. She’d apply my hair with water many times maintaining my hair damp constantly. The application form procedure is extremely-very significant. You need to do it right, you will obtain the all of the product. Your own hair will appear positively wonderful. Ensure that you brush however hair many times operating the keratin product in to the hair.

Stroke the product in perfectly: not onto the hair – in to the head. After software procedure that was keratin was completed she proceeded having a blow-drier Worldwide keratin round brush and. She blow dried my hair totally. I was excited to determine the outcomes. Our hair came out so stunning. Maintain the blow drier atleast 3″ from your own hair while you blow-drying it. My designers continue having a flatiron. Also before smooth-pressing my hair, I began to observe the sparkle. My hair appeared so amazing, my gosh. It had been stunning. I really could not think the distinction Keratin Treatment makes. Our normal hair was frizzy I believed there’s nothing that may change it out. There is you should not blow-dry the hair tough and actually tough as lots of hair designers do. Our stylist blow-dried my hair really gently, the way in which I’d get it done in the home.


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